gmail Auto Bcc

NOTE: This page has become unmanageable and has been retired. See the project page for further updates.

gmailAutoBcc is a greasemonkey script that automatically BCCs (or CCs) all outgoing gmail emails to a specified email address.


Quite a few of us use gmail as a secondary email access tool. The common use is to forward all incoming email to a gmail address. Gmail already has custom from addresses, this allows you to use your gmail account to send and respond to emails using your old, primary (non-gmail) email address. The only limitation of this is that you wouldn’t have a copy of the emails you send from your gmail account at your primary email access location.


Install greasemonkey, then, right-click gmailAutoBcc to install. It’ll ask you for an email address the first time you click on ‘send’ through gmail. If you’re on the newer version of gmail (Nov 2007), use gmailAutoBcc 2.0.

Tips, Tricks and Gotchas!

  • If you want it to cc an address instead of BCC, set the preference gBccHeader to cc
  • If you want it to prompt every time, set the preference gBccPopup to true
  • If you want to disable gmailAutoBcc, set the preference gBccEnabled to false
  • If someone else uses your browser to send emails from gmail, you might get a copy of their outgoing emails. (Cool ain’t it?)
  • Oh yeah, firefox only of course!

Setting Preferences in Firefox

To change any firefox preference, type about:config in the address bar and press enter. In the filter field, type the name of the preference. Double click on the result to change it.

Update (15th June 2006):

gmailAutoBcc now supports bcc/cc based on identities. i.e., it can bcc or cc to different addresses based on the from address being used. To enable this, toggle the preference gBccMapFromAddress to true. You’re prompted for a new bcc/cc address everytime you use a new “Identity” (from address). This is based on José’s request.

To remove bcc/cc for a particular identity (say,, search for the preference and change it to the string disabled.

If you do enable this feature, be prepared for a pop up the first time you send email from every one of your addresses.

Update (2nd November 2007):

It appears that gmailAutoBcc fails with “gmail 2.0”. I’m not on gmail 2.0 yet, but I promise to work on a fix as soon as I am.

Gmail 2.0 update (16th November 2007):

If you’re on the newer version of gmail a.k.a. “gmail 2.0” (Nov 2007), use gmailAutoBcc 2.0.

157 Responses to “gmail Auto Bcc”

  1. teppei says:

    I introduced this method in my website in Japanese.

  2. teppei says:

    Thanks, Great!
    I introduced this method in my website in Japanese.

  3. says:

    Please explain:
    1. where can I find [set the preference]?

    2. can I “gmailAutoBcc” to more than 1 outside accounts?

  4. Elites1,

    1. Type about:config in your firefox addressbar to see preferences.
    2. You can enter multiple comma separated email addresses

  5. Dre says:

    This doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

    Since the indicated prefs didn’t show up in about:config after installation, I experimented with manually adding the prefs á la

    user_pref (“gBccEnabled”,”true”);

    to user.js in my Profile folder, but alas still no dice.

    The script seems not to respond to the “send” action in Firefox.

    Firefox (Mac), GM 0.6.4

  6. Don’t know if its a Mac specific issue, can you try adding the following to user.js?
    home/projects/gmailAutoBcc/Gmail Auto BCC.gBccEnabled", true);
    projects/gmailAutoBcc/Gmail Auto BCC.gBccHeader", "bcc");
    projects/gmailAutoBcc/Gmail Auto BCC.gBccMail", "");
    projects/gmailAutoBcc/Gmail Auto BCC.gBccPopup", true);

  7. lignumaqua says:

    Doesn’t work for me either in Windows Firefox and GM 0.6.4

    Nothing happens when send is pressed and none of the listed preferences exist in about:config.

    Script said it installed correctly.

  8. Tissa says:

    No longer working for me either in Windows Firefox (although it was working for a while – not sure what has changed). I tried removing and reinstalling it, but it never asked me for an email address the first time I clicked on “Send”. And none of the listed preferences appear for me either in about:config. Feel free to email me if you would like additional info. Thanks.

  9. Okay, I think I’ve got it.

    Gmail changed the id of the send button from “send” to “snd”. This broke the script.

    I’ve updated the scripts now.

  10. lignumaqua says:

    Excellent! Works correctly now – thanks for the quick fix!

  11. Dre says:

    Thanks for the update. Works perfectly now.

  12. Georges Dupéron says:

    Actually, gmail didn’t change the ID of the send button in the french version, so Gmail auto BCC works only with the English interface. :-(

    I wrote a suggestion in the Gmail help, but I’m not sure weather it’s the right place for this or not… and I don’t know when they’re gonna fix it, so in the script, you should change :

    if (“id”) == “snd”) {
    if (“id”) == “snd” ||“id”) == “send”) {

    Thanx for the script. It’s quite nice!

  13. Okay, didn’t guess that they’d not update the French version. Fixed it now.

    Thanks a lot Georges.

  14. José says:

    Is it possible to have AutoBCC working with several different from: idendities?

    As far as I can argue, I only have the chance to set one (or more) BCC addresses, which cannot be changed according to the identity I am writing the email from under GMail…


  15. José, that’s a good idea, let me see what I can do about it.

  16. José, gmailAutoBcc now has bcc/cc based on identities. See update in the post above.

  17. José says:

    Could it be that Google changed something again? I did the Firefox update and I can confirm that the (all) scripts does not work properly. Do I need to do the settings again?
    I doublechecked “about:config” and all settings for AutoBCC are set properly…how to activate them again?


  18. José says:

    I also updated GreaseMonkey. Could that be the cause?
    Can anybody please check?

    Thanks in advance.


  19. Thanks again José, it was indeed a change in FF. I’ve updated the script now.

  20. roger says:


    doesn’t work for me with Firefox

    Anyone else?

  21. Roger,

    What happened when you first clicked the send button?

  22. roger says:

    nothing at all. i tried manually editing the script as well but it had no effect.

  23. roger says:

    note that about:config doesn’t report any of the variables from the script. i’ve rebooted, restarted FF, and made sure GM is enabled, as is the script. any clues?

  24. roger says:

    another update after more probing; i don’t think my issue is specific to your script since after installing other GM script, they aren’t running either. so there must be an issue with my GM running in FF 2.0.

    suggestions appreciated.

  25. roger says:

    fixed! why GM was installed and enabled form the pull down menus, the icon in the lower right wasn’t highlighted. i clicked on the monkey and tried again. thanks and sorry for the multiple posts.

  26. Thanks for the clarification Roger!

  27. jibu says:


  28. Vijay Bansal says:


  29. Totoro says:

    Hello Jaidev,

    Now the Gmail has update to new vertion, on which the gmailautobcc can not work well.
    Wish you fix the code. Thank you.

  30. Hi Totoro,

    I’ll update the script when I am able to use the new version. As of now, I’m still stuck with the old version.

  31. netdiva says:

    Does this work with gmail for domain? I have tried to edit the website without much success. Is there a trick I’m missing.

  32. By my understanding, the “gmail for your domain” users are still on the older version. So you’ll probably have to install the older version.

    You’ll also have to change the line in the script which says http*://* to your own domain.

    Again, I haven’t tried this nor do I have access to such accounts. But it should work.

  33. Jason says:

    > If someone else uses your browser to send emails
    > from gmail, you might get a copy of their outgoing
    > emails. (Cool ain’t it?)

    I got caught by this one.
    Could the extension be modified to make the bcc: target (if any) dependent on who is the logged-in user?

    Thanks for considering it (& for providing this great script).

  34. Jason says:

    I wrote:
    > Could the extension be modified …
    Sorry, I meant script not extension.

  35. Jason, you can enable gBccMapFromAddress to bcc only based on the sender address.

  36. christina says:

    For some reason the script isn’t working for me for the past few days, in Windows XP SP2 and Mac OS X (Leopard). I’ve tried older version and newer version, have tried to reinstall the script, etc., and no dice.

    Firefox on the windows machine; I can check which version of FF 2 on the mac.

    Any ideas?

  37. John says:

    I really like the idea, but cant get it to work. I am using Firefox on Win XP SP2. First time it runs, it asks for the address, but nothing is ever sent.

  38. Claudio says:

    It looks like the update to gmail (which added colored labels) broke this script’s functionality… any chance on an update?

  39. @Claudio:

    Have you tried the new version? It works for me and I have gmail’s coloured labels.

    It could be an update by gmail that I am not seeing yet. In that case, I’ll have an update as soon as I see the new version.

  40. zebra says:

    Mine was also working for many months, then suddenly stopped recently. Reinstalling didn’t work. Jaidev, do you still suppose you don’t have a recent gmail update?

    Thanks for the great script.

  41. zebra says:

    PS: It still works on my Google Apps gmail account, which recently was upgraded. It seems as if there is a newer rev on Gmail….

  42. I last saw an update by gmail in the first week of Feb. That update didn’t affect gmailAutoBcc. (It still works for me).

    If and when I see an update on my gmail account, I’ll be able to fix the script.

  43. zebra says:

    Thanks. Do you know of any way I can check my version to see if it’s different from yours, or otherwise figure out why mine isn’t working? It’s hard for me to believe it takes Google over a week to roll updates out to its user community.

  44. @zebra, I only figure out version changes by looking at the DOM layout, gmail’s source is quite complex otherwise. I assume you’re already using the new version —

    BTW are you on any locale other than english?

  45. zebra says:

    Yes, I have been on the new version if your script for months. It was working until recently. I am only on the English locale. If there is anything I can send you (don’t know what “DOM” is) let me know. Thanks.

  46. Martin says:

    Today my account (german) was updated to the new gmail (coloured labels) and I don’t get any bccs anymore, even with the new version of the script. If I enable popups, I get asked, but I don’t get bccs. :-(

  47. Marco Luthe says:

    Same with me here: not working since the German Googlemail was updated. Please update your script quickly – it’s great!

    Oh, and can you please leave a comment here as soon as the script is updated:


  48. tech9iner says:

    hmmm.. GREAT idea indeed.. yet for some reason after following info on configs.. my gmail now faithfully.. as described.. popsup and confirms if i want to BCC the configured email address..
    just seems to go nowhere?
    cant buy a clue here mates.. any clues appreciated & thanks for a great script.. MAKE MORE ;]]

  49. baldahin says:

    please adapt this script for work with opera.
    error console says:

    message: Statement on line 26: Undefined variable: unsafeWindow
    Line 26 of User JS script
    if (unsafeWindow.gmonkey) {

  50. zebra says:


    It seems many people’s Gmail has changed versions now. Has yours? I’m looking forward to having a working script again. Thanks.

  51. Unfortunately, my version of gmail hasn’t changed and the script still works. Let me see what I can do.

  52. Marco Luthe says:

    Let me know if I can be of any help – just tell me what I have to look for.

  53. Peter says:

    I’d be happy to provide assistance on this – not working for me now for several weeks and I’d love to get it going again. I’ve got a programming background so would be able to help by getting you info or testing.

  54. Yug Lerkind says:

    the script stopped working for me a few days ago, although I had the colored label thing going for a while now. I hope you manage to fix the problem, since this script is very useful for me.

  55. There’s something really weird. I received an update and gmailAutoBcc still works. Are you guys on Firefox 3.0 or something?

  56. zebra says:

    Not me. I have been on Firefox 2.x and have had problems with the script since I first posted. I have a Google Apps account; Gmail there gets updates more slowly. That account still works with the script, but my plain Gmail account does not.

  57. MAEDA Atusi says:

    Hello. I’m using gmailAutoBcc 2.0 with FireFox 2.0.14 and newer gmail. The symptom I experienced was when I press “Cancel” at gBccPopup dialog, the dialog appears again and again until I press “OK”. After I changed line 71 of gmailautobcc.user.js from:
    > if (!(dst_field && (dst_field.getAttribute (“gid”) != “gBccDone”) || dst_field.value == “”)) {

    > if (!(dst_field && (dst_field.getAttribute (“gid”) != “gBccDone”))) {

    (that is, removed last condition), everything is working fine for me.

    Just a report.

  58. MAEDA Atusi says:

    > everything is working fine for me.

    Sorry. I still have a problem. When I leave “compose” mode by “discard” button, gBccPopup dialog appears. That’s a little bit annoying. Maybe you should use button id (1etz and 1ety)??

  59. Thanks MAEDA. Yeah, there is a problem with the popup mode. The others seem to have a different issue. I’m trying to see if I can get access to an account that has received the gmail update.

  60. Brendan says:

    Could somebody tell me how to get this working for Google Apps for your Domain?

    Thanks for your help,


  61. zebra says:


    Just change the “Included pages” setting to:

    That will encompass both regular Gmail and the Apps Gmail URLs.

    The only remaining issue is that your regular Gmail and Apps Gmail might be different versions, so the script will only work on one. Currently, my regular Gmail doesn’t work (newer version), but my Apps one does. A few months ago, it was the other way around (Apps Gmail version was too old). The two might always be playing leapfrog with versions. Hopefully Jaidev will find a fix for this.

    Speaking of which, Jaidev, any luck with that? Thanks.

  62. Yug Lerkind says:

    Ok, not sure what happened, but now the script is working for me again. I upgraded to Firefox 3 Pre 1, and then upgraded to the new version of greasemonkey. I also uninstalled the script and re-installed it, and now it works. I have no idea which of all my actions did the trick or what was wrong before.

  63. Yug Lerkind says:

    Two things I forgot to mention: when I posted my first comment I was still using firefox 2. Also, thanks Jaidev for the great script and the work you invest maintaining it. It makes my life better.

  64. @Yug, thanks for confirming the behavior and thanks for the compliments! Its a simple script and I need it on a daily basis. Thats the motivation ;-)

    @zebra et al, I’ve been trying on all machines / combinations / accounts that I can get my hands on – but I haven’t managed to get gmailAutoBcc to fail as you mention. I now believe gmail’s version has not changed (they never take this long to roll out updates to all users). Could you check if a greasemonkey update fixes things? You could also check the JavaScript console for any errors.

  65. zebra says:

    A Greasemonkey update did not help. I have a Java console, which shows just a list of commands. I can’t find a Javascript console. Should I have one? Where is it?

    I have the following in the “Included Pages” box:

    Will doing that duplicate the behavior on your end?

  66. zebra says:

    I also tried reinstalling the script. Didn’t help. Then I tried the default “Included Pages” setting. Didn’t help. I tried enabling the Popup option in about:config. It did pop up, but clicking OK didn’t result in BCC being populated. Something must be failing after that stage.

  67. Yug Lerkind says:

    Ok, I just installed the script on another computer and got it to work, but it wasn’t trivial. I installed it on Firefox 3 and opened my gmail inbox in a tab. After trying several options, I finally did the following: I started composing a message, and while the composition window was open I closed the firefox application. A pop-up came out asking if I am sure I want out of this page – I confirmed.

    Since firefox was configured to remember previous tabs, when I then re-opened firefox it went back to composition mode in gmail, and before I could say Jack Robinson the autobcc script popup was asking me where I would like to bcc my messages.

    Zebra, can you try this out too?

  68. zebra says:


    Before I try, can you confirm that the e-mail was actually sent with the BCC? I ask because I have no trouble with the popup if I have that option enabled. It’s just that it doesn’t actually add the BCC address to the message.

  69. Yug Lerkind says:

    ok, Zebra, I checked: it works for me, but perhaps you first need to quite firefox and restart.

  70. mike says:

    It’s not working for me either. It asked for the email address the first time but has never sent anything. The settings in about:config look correct (it has the email address I typed when it first ran). I’m using firefox 3, newer gmail (apps edition) and the new version of the script. Any suggestions?

  71. zebra says:


    Well, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but your approach absolutely should not work as you descrive.

    I tried your approach (even though it’s impractical to close Firefox each time I want to send a message). Of course it didn’t work as it did for you, since when reopening Firefox I am asked for a Gmail logon prompt. In fact, I’m puzzled that you weren’t too, since that implies a major security issue. After loging back into Gmail, it does not pull my composed e-mail back up, since after all I elected to discard it by navigating away from the page. Perhaps I don’t understand what exactly you did.

    Either way, we still have multiple people with this problem. Jaidev – is there any diagnostic I can run for you to help you figure this out?

  72. Yug Lerkind says:

    Zebra, the script works for me all the time, with no need to close and reopen firefox. I meant that you (may) need to do this once. Also, I don’t need to re-login into gmail every time I open firefox since I have it on ‘remember me on this computer’ – this puts a cookie that enables me to keep my login across several sessions. Can your problem be partly a cookie issue?

    In any case, there definitely seems to be something weird going on with that script and its interaction with gmail..

  73. Marco Luthe says:

    [this damn security code!!!] :-)

    If this one works, it might help you to find the bug:

    Dunno if that one works because I never used it.

    Sorry, Jaidev… normally, I would not point to a competitive script – but I want yours to work so that I can use it again! Please: find the bug SOON! :-)

    [man… get a different Captcha, please!] :-)

  74. Well, since this seems to affect very few users, it could be another greasemonkey script interfering with gmailAutoBcc. Could you guys let me know if you’re using any other scripts?

    Also, zebra, you could try looking at the JS console (a.k.a. error console) but you’d have to sift through a lot of chatter.

  75. Also, I’m sure most of you have tried this. But could you uninstall the script, clear all ‘gBcc*’ config items from ‘about:config’, reinstall the script and try?

    I’m fairly certain this is not a gmail update. The script continues to work for me and quite a few others, the issue must be something local to the users.

    If you guys could create a dummy gmail account and still see this issue, I could take a look if you send me the login.

  76. zebra says:

    Well, what do you know….

    …recently my Google Apps Gmail address stopped working with the script, when it had been for months before. I changed nothing – still using the same script and settings, still using Firefox 3. I tested my Google Apps account functionality when I installed the Firefox 3 release, and it worked. It has stopped working since then. So now, both my accounts don’t work.

    It seems like Google upgraded Google Apps to match Gmail again. Jaidev – I have no other explanation. Have you added a dummy Google account? Can you try? I will try by adding a dummy account on my Google Apps domain.

  77. Thanks to Zebra, I was able to figure out the subtle change in gmail that caused the script to fail for a few of you. The problem doesn’t show up if you use multiple identities to send from gmail. The updated script is available at the usual URL.

  78. zebra says:

    Thanks for fixing it! Both my Google Apps and regular Gmail account work great now.

  79. Marco Luthe says:

    I get the following error on Firefox 3 using the latest Greasemonkey version:

    Script could not be installed [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) []” nsresult: “0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)” location: “JS frame :: chrome://greasemonkey/content/utils.js :: getContents :: line 244” data: no]

  80. Marco Luthe says:

    Found this website dealing with the error mentioned above, but haven’t tried yet…

  81. Marco Luthe says:

    Works! Yeah, I have it back! Thanks!

  82. Panda says:

    Fantastic! Fully operational again on Google Apps mail. Thanks.

  83. \JonG says:


    I have been using gmailAutoBcc 2.0 on WinXPsp2 with https without any problem. I just installed it on my G5 Mac (10.4.11) and it doesn’t work. I see the script in greasemonkey, but I don’t see any of the gBcc* preferences. I am using Firefox 3.0.1. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.


  84. \JonG says:

    The problem appears to be with gmail using https. On XP turning on https breaks gmailAutoBcc 2.0 or possibly greasemonkey. Even though the included pages url has “http*” it doesn’t trap the page. I added the “https” url specifically and it still didn’t work. If I go back to gmail “http:” it works. I’ll check out the Mac when I get home tonight.


  85. \JonG says:

    Without https it works on the Mac, so https support is needed.


  86. […] from 2008-07-01] Jaidev has updated the script, but there seems to be a problem with FF3 and the latest version of Greasemonkey. I got the […]

  87. Marco Luthe says:

    It seems like the script does not work when you choose “compose new mail” within the iGoogle Gmail gadget – you actually have to do it within the page.

  88. Yes, Marco, if you read the documentation / comments you’ll see that it only works with the main gmail page.

    @JonG, Let me see if I can get my hands on a Mac, its weird why https would fail only on a Mac.

  89. \JonG says:

    Guess I wasn’t clear! https doesn’t work on XP or Mac. At first I thought it was just Mac, but that was cockpit error. Sorry about that. See my August 1st, 2008 at 03:31:29,post.


  90. JonG, It works with https for me with both WinXP and Linux. Do you have any other greasemonkey scripts that could be interfering?

    In case you weren’t aware, gmail now has always-https mode of its own (you’ll not need the greasemonkey script).

  91. zebra says:


    Thanks for the heads up on the new gmail https feature. As usual, Google Apps email lags the other version; the feature is not implemented there yet. However, just to contribute to all here, logging on throught the following links will force usage of https for the whole session:
    for Apps:

  92. zebra says:

    This is really strange. The script fails to work again, when I set the setting in Gmail that you alerted us to. However, when I log in with my link (see previous post), the script works.

  93. \JonG says:


    gmailAutoBcc 2.0 is the only script I have running. Also, I was using the gmail settings page to enable https and not the greasemonkey script.


  94. Luis says:

    Hi, script is not working by now. I tested it using http and https, and it doesn’t work. May be something changed in compose email page layout.

  95. Okay, I can confirm that its not working. Gmail changed something yesterday, let me check …

  96. \JonG says:

    I can confirm that it still works HTTP on XPsp2. I’ll check my Mac when I get home.


  97. \JonG says:

    I take that back, sort of. It worked yesterday, but not today on HTTP on XPsp2. I forgot to check on the Mac. I might remember tonight.

  98. \JonG says:

    HTTP on MAC OSX 10.4.11 still works.


  99. Well, its working for me again (both HTTP and HTTPS, without any changes). Gmail might have reverted any changes they made. I’ll monitor this for a couple of days.

  100. \JonG says:

    Still doesn’t work HTTP on XPsp2 and I reloaded the gmail page too!


  101. \JonG says:

    Doesn’t work http on Mac.


  102. \JonG says:

    It works on both now!

    The tide rises. The tide falls.
    The code works. The code fails.


  103. \JonG says:

    The tide has fallen again. This is very frustrating. http: WinXPsp2 has stopped working again. It worked yesterday. My laptop rebooted overnight due software updates, so gmail reloaded and AutoBCC stopped working. I tried another gmail page load and it is still broken.


  104. \JonG says:

    Mac still works. Did page reload and it still worked. Are we at the mercy of which server we download from? This is very unpredictable.


  105. Yes, Jon. Gmail rolls out its changes in stages. Unfortunately I’m almost always the last one to get those changes. Things still work for me.

  106. MaxS says:

    Great script! Only works unencrypted on Mac OS X, it would be perfect to have HTTPS too…

  107. Mike says:

    The script works for me sometimes and doesn’t sometimes. For example, today it worked for the morning then stopped working in the afternoon (same firefox session). Chances are it will work tomorrow, and probably for a couple days more before it craps out for a little. Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions?

  108. zebra says:

    Mike – I have intermittent functionality as well.

  109. Khoji says:

    This stopped working for me a couple of days ago (FF3 latest, OS X latest). I switched off https and restarted FF and it still didn’t work. So I completely uninstalled the script, telling it to also uninstall its preferences, and then reinstalled it. Now the preferences are not installed — looks like there’s a flag somewhere that is making the installer think the preferences don’t need to be reinstalled. Is there any way to reset this???

  110. It’s stopped working for me too, I’m gonna look into it a bit later tonight.

  111. Dave Clark says:

    Does the scipt work on a MacBookPro running OS X 10.5.4? I downloaded the file, and it shows up as a .js file — which my machine says is a Dreamweaver file. Nothing happens when I try to install it except Dreamweaver opens. I have the latest version of Firefox, but now what do I do?

    I searched your FAQ and there do not seem to be any answers to this issue.

    BTW, I’ve never used a “script” before, so don’t really know what I’m doing.


  112. Dave, have you installed greasemonkey? You need to do that before trying to install any scripts.

    In any case, gmailAutoBcc is currently broken as gmail updated its interface (yet again). So check back soon.

  113. ben says:

    i have the same problem; i have a mac, i have installed greasemonkey but the program does never ask on which adress to send the outgoing mails

  114. Gmail updated their interface again, so the script was broken over the last few days. I’ve update the script. Grab it from here.

  115. Blazej says:

    Thanks a lot

  116. Esko says:

    Thank you very much – I REALLY need this script!!

  117. Khoji says:

    Thanks for the update — however my installation seems to be borked because I uninstalled the preferences. No matter what I do, reinstalling no longer installs the gBcc preferences, they are no longer available in about:config. Also tried uninstalling Greasemonkey completely and re-installing but no bananas. Is there any way I can get this working again?

  118. zebra says:

    As has happened before, it now works in Gmail but not in the Google Apps account. Any ideas?

  119. DocSavage44 says:

    Thanks for the update, but I can’t figure out how to install. Right-clicking the link in the post above gives me the option to view the source, but not to install.

  120. @Zebra, we’ll have to wait for gmail to roll out changes to the Google Apps :(

    @DocSavage44, have you installed greasemonkey first?

  121. zebra says:

    FYI, the Google Apps account is working as of this morning.

  122. zebra says:


  123. ben says:

    still does not work on Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.4; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008061004 Firefox/3.0

  124. Khoji says:

    It now works occasionally, without warning, which is really worse than not working at all because I’m adding my BCCs manually and then I get them double…

  125. Argh, another gmail update. Dunno about the Mac, but its broken on Linux for me. Let me look into it.

  126. I’ve updated the script for yet another gmail layout update. This is getting too frequent :(

  127. Argh, looks like I get a different version of gmail every time I log in. I’m going to wait till this thing stabilizes before I publish a final update.

  128. Conrad says:

    Hey Jaydev,

    maybe if you would publish a commented version of your code we would have an easier time updating it ourselves. possibly it makes more sense to grab the send button by its label instead of by the class of its surrounding html divs. but this would have to be done for each language seperatly…


  129. Okay, things seem to have stabilized and the latest version is working over a week for me.

    @Conrad, I’ll publish a commented version soon. However, the reason I don’t use the label is due to the reasons you mention. If you see earlier comments on this entry, there are other language users too ;-)

  130. SteveR says:

    If the latest version v 1.3 2008/10/09 15:56:47? If not, where can I get it?

  131. zebra says:

    Jaidev – if it’s the one from your October 8th post, it doesn’t work for me on either the Gmail or Google Apps accounts.

  132. toni says:

    The about:config settings do not appear. Got the latest script from the October 8 post, yes I have greasemonkey installed. Using Firefox 3.0.3.

    Will this be updated and fixed?

  133. SteveR says:

    It seems to be working today! I didn’t change anything since yesterday when it wasn’t working, so I’m guessing GMail is back the way you expect it.

  134. If its still not working, you might want to try an older version from here.

  135. zebra says:

    I can’t figure out how to install from there. Where do I click? Thanks.

  136. @Zebra, click on blob and then select raw.

  137. zebra says:

    I must be missing something fundamental; sorry! Your steps get me the script on my screen, but Greasemonkey doesn’t offer to install it. I can’t figure out how to trigger it to do so.

  138. Sorry Zebra, I forgot to answer this. You might have to save this as gmailAutoBcc2.user.js and open it. Greasemonkey only recognizes URLs ending in *.user.js I guess.

  139. zebra says:

    I tried all the way back to the June version. None work with Gmail. The latest continues to work with Apps Gmail. Will the commented version allow a semi-knowledgeable user to taylor the script to his or her particular Gmail version? Thanks for all the help.

  140. Dave Clark says:

    It does not work. What is the file in preferences to set. about: config give a huge list of files and places… which one is for this add-on?

    Why cannot or won’t gmail send a bcc (or even my own email) to a list? That’s what I want to do.


  141. People who still don’t have the latest version work, can you send me an email with
    (a) Any labs feature you might have enabled
    (b) whether you have multiple “send from” addresses configured or not

    Its working reliably for me over the last 2-3 weeks.

  142. Ilya Furman says:


    I’m working in Acunote (doing frontend for agile project management tool), and we often use this script when sending mail, we got a plenty of hosted gmails here.

    So, it was really show-stopper when script was broken after another gmail UI update.

    So, I’ve fixed and commented a bit latest script version. Now it works with Gmail themes UI along with previous UI version.

    Script could be grabbed here

    Mail me on ifurman(at)pluron(dot)com if you have any feedback.

  143. Derek says:

    This updated script did not work for me. So I turned off ALL my labs features and then it started working again. I had the following labs features enabled:

    – Quick Links
    – Superstars
    – Fixed width font
    – Custom date formats
    – Canned Responses
    – Custom Label Colors
    – Mark as Read Button

    So give this a try if you’re having trouble with it.

  144. Derek says:

    So I turned on my “labs” features one by one and it turns out that the “Canned Responses” does not play well with the AutoBCC script. So naturally I chose the “AutoBCC”.

  145. Thanks a ton Derek, I’ve been trying to figure out which labs feature (or combination) interferes with gmailAutoBcc, but had failed so far!

  146. Garrett says:

    I’m unable to get this working, on firefox, with greasemonkey installed and running. I’ve turned off all my labs (all I was using was fixed-width font), and it’s still not working. Greasemonkey says the script is running, but I don’t get the initial popup.


  147. Ilya Furman says:

    Please note that brand new version of this script available here

    Script was completely refactored and now it doesn’t depends on any gmail DOM-tree hierarchy, only on class names (that seems to be lot more consistent).

    Feel free to contact me with questions, ifurman(at)pluron(dot)com

  148. Ed says:

    Hi Ilya,

    Your update works great.

    Thanks a million!


  149. Mark says:

    Thanks. FYI this also works in Google Apps Gmail.


  150. guidone says:


    latest Firefox version and latest script version .. still do not works for me :(

    FYI I had the previous version of the script and i installed the new one on it.

    Please help me ‘couse i really need this great script

  151. jDeppen says:

    I set “gBccPopup to true” but if I don’t want to BCC and hit cancel (or esc) I get stuck in a loop and it keeps prompting, any ideas?

  152. Mark says:

    I just installed this script for the first time but the script preferences are not showing up in about:config. I am running FF 3.0.5 and have multiple “send from” addresses configured. Has this item been fixed and I missed it in the above postings? Does anyone else have the same problem with the preferences not showing up for them in FF 3.0.X.

  153. Mark says:

    Ok, I got this to work with FF 3.0.5. How?
    -installed the greasemonkey add-on and restarted FF;
    -installed the script (right click, open w/FF), restarted FF;
    -opened about:config and made changes as I saw fit (changed gBccHeader from Bcc to cc), restarted;
    -sent a whole bunch of emails to my primary account to test out the functionality and to make sure the rules I had set up on my primary email account worked. They did!

    Declared victory and went to bed.

    Thanks for the script! It’s a huge help in trying to reconcile my mail!

  154. Sousbois says:

    Trying to get this to work with Trixie on IE 7.0 – am I wasting my time, or has this ever been done?

    Love the idea of the script, but the guys I’m helping don’t/can’t use Firefox.

    It’d be great if they could use this in IE…


  155. Ilya Furman says:

    No country for IE, Sousbois, your friends should use firefox in order to use this script.

  156. I have a new version — cleaner and with comments as requested. Let me know how it goes!

    @Sousbois: I believe there is a greasemonkey for IE. If you install that first, this script may / should work.

  157. This page has become a clutter and the time has come to retire it. I’ve created a new project page here. There’ll be no more updates here!