Post to Pocket (Read It Later) from NetNewsWire

My daily feed reading work flow goes something like this:

  • Grok through a bunch of RSS feeds (on NewsRack or Perfect RSS Reader on the ipad or Google Reader on my Samsung Captivate) and add any interesting articles to Pocket (Read It Later).
  • Sync Pocket, and read articles immediately or later and delete them from Pocket.

The advantage of this is that I’m no longer left with a million open tabs on browsers on several devices and the pressure to read and close them. I know that the articles are on Pocket when I get time to get to them and my browser is freed! Once synced, the articles are available in the Pocket app on my ipad and I can read them offline. I can also add any other articles to Pocket through browser bookmarklets, email, etc. The Pocket interface is kickass on every device I’ve tried (and it is seems to have the most consistent interface and cross-platform support among its peers) and allows me to bookmark or share articles which completes the whole process of reading stuff on the Interwebz.

However, I also use NetNewsWire on my Macbook Pros. Its a great feed reader, but its missing quite a few “new world” features. For some reason it supports Instapaper but doesn’t support Pocket or any other service. From what I’ve seen, it ain’t coming anytime soon.

So to complete my work flow, I wrote an AppleScript to add articles to Pocket from NetNewsWire. More details here. Comments welcome!

18 Responses to “Post to Pocket (Read It Later) from NetNewsWire”

  1. Fernando says:

    Awesome! Thank you very much for this!
    Just a quick heads up/question: Whenever I call this script, NetNewsWire gives me a “Can’t add to pocket” notification. However, the item is in fact successfully added to my Pocket queue. Is this a known issue?

    Running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

    Again, thanks for this tip!

  2. Graham says:

    Have tried to download your script but keep getting the error code 430 Forbidden.
    Can you help me out please

  3. Hi downloaded ok but now am getting a Script Error ???

  4. wliepach says:

    I am having a problem accessing the link with the script — I a get a message saying “you are not allowed to view this page”. Grateful for any assistance in this regard.

  5. Euan says:

    Hi Jaidev,
    Thanks for making this available. I’m have problems when I try running the script. The username and password boxes appear. Once I’ve entered my details it comes up with the following script error:


    NetNewsWire got an error: Usage: add-internet-password [-a account] [-s server] [-w password] [options…] [-A|-T appPath] [keychain]
    -a Specify account name (required)
    -c Specify item creator (optional four-character code)
    -C Specify item type (optional four-character code)
    -d Specify security domain string (optional)
    -D Specify kind (default is “Internet password”)
    -j Specify comment string (optional)
    -l Specify label (if omitted, server name is used as default label)
    -p Specify path string (optional)
    -P Specify port number (optional)
    -r Specify protocol (optional four-character SecProtocolType, e.g. “http”, “ftp “)
    -s Specify server name (required)
    -t Specify authentication type (as a four-character SecAuthenticationType, default is “dflt”)
    -w Specify password to be added
    -A Allow any application to access this item without warning (insecure, not recommended!)
    -T Specify an application which may access this item (multiple -T options are allowed)
    -U Update item if it already exists (if omitted, the item cannot already exist)

    By default, the application which creates an item is trusted to access its data without warning.
    You can remove this default access by explicitly specifying an empty app pathname: -T “”
    If no keychain is specified, the password is added to the default keychain.
    Add an internet password item.


    Any ideas?

    Many thanks

  6. Euan says:

    Sorted – it was the keychain. Had to manually enter it in Keychain Access for it to work okay. Great script – thank you!

  7. Rick Hunt says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks for solving this annoyance. I did make a very minor change to suit my environment. I don’t use Growl, so I replaced the Growl notifications with a simple dialog box. When I’ve got more time, I’ll probably change that to use Notification Center. Thanks again.

  8. ramesh says:

    hi Jaidev, thanks for nice share.

    I don’t have Growl since ML has notification center, being a noob I can’t Implement notification center with your script.

    it’ll be great if you could write a script to work with ML notification center. thanks