Here are some software I've written and hacks for my own needs. See individual pages for more detail.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is an extention for firefox that lets you customise how websites appear using tiny scripts. These are some scripts that I wrote.

  • gmail Auto Bcc - Ever wanted to BCC / CC all outgoing email from gmail? This is just right for you.

  • gmail Unlabelled - Search for all unlabeled email in gmail.


These are some miscellaneous hacks that I've used at various points of time.

  • Delicious+Wordpress - Script to generate daily Wordpress blog posts from bookmarks

  • NetNewsWire+Pocket - AppleScript to post articles to Pocket (Read It Later) from the NetNewsWire RSS feed reader.

  • GO URL - A simple URL shortener complete with a browser bookmarklet.

  • South Bay APA Stats - This is a hack for a better presentation of 8/9 ball teams' statistics and schedule. Shows data from multiple PDF files maintained by the league operator.

  • wp comment count - A script to fix incorrect comment count in wordpress blogs.

  • PHP Hit Counter - This is the counter I used to keep track of page views. It uses flat files and file locking for integrity.

  • phpDiary - These are a set of rudimentary scritps that ran my old blog / journal. At some point of time I moved to LJ and later to wordpress, but Deepak took it up and hacked on it. He might have a better version.


These are stuff I did as academic projects during my Bachelor's course.

  • discussion-forum - A CGI / perl based discussion forum.

  • news-alert-system - A client-server system designed to deliver news headlines to a GTK+ client.

  • ginf - Ginf [GINF Is Not Frontpage] is a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

  • dPaint - dPaint is a graphics package written for the DOS environment.

  • miniDrafter - A ncurses based light weight text editor for linux.


  • J. Sridhar and D. K. Panda, Impact of Node Level Caching in MPI Job Launch Mechanisms, EuroPVM/MPI 2009 - Espoo, Finland, Sep 2009 pdf]

  • M. Koop, J. Sridhar and D. K. Panda, TupleQ: Fully-Asynchronous and Zero-Copy MPI over InfiniBand, IEEE Int'l Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2009) - Rome, Italy, May 2009 pdf]

  • J. Sridhar, M. Koop, J. Perkins and D. K. Panda, "ScELA: Scalable and Extensible Launching Architecture for Clusters", International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC08) - Bangalore, India, December 2008 pdf]

  • M. Koop, J. Sridhar and D. K. Panda, "Scalable MPI Design over InfiniBand using eXtended Reliable Connection", IEEE Int'l Conference on Cluster Computing (Cluster 2008) - Tsukuba, Japan, September 2008 pdf]

  • Wireless and ADSL Router HOWTO - HOWTO add a wireless router to a small / home network a.k.a. HOWTO interconnect two routers

  • Email HOWTO - How to stop being an annoying emailer

  • FC3 on IBM Thinkpad r40e - Installation experience, comparison with Suse Linux Professional 9.1, linmodems, etc.

  • Secure Programming - A presentation on secure programming