{i} Safari users: I'm working on a new gmailAutoBcc2 for safari. Click here for the beta version!


gmailAutoBcc is a greasemonkey script for gmail that automatically BCCs (or CCs) all sent emails to a specified email address. It automagically fills in the bcc filed when the send button is clicked.

Source Code

Download the latest version here. The source is released under GPL v2 and a full revision history is available here. You can watch for changes by subscribing to the RSS feed. Project Changes RSS

Installation Instructions for Firefox

  • Install the greasemonkey extension and restart firefox.

  • Click here to obtain the latest version of gmailAutoBcc. Greasemonkey should prompt you for confirmation to install the script.

  • Refresh gmail. gmailAutoBcc should kick in the next time you click on the send button in gmail and ask for an email address. The script is now triggered differently.

  • Note that the script DOES NOT work if you choose to compose in a new window.

[NEW] Installation Instructions for Google Chrome or Chromium

Known Issues

  • The scripts only works from within the main gmail window. It won't work if you pop out the compose window.
  • For the older version of gmail, use the earlier script (history). This version is not maintained anymore.


Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or bug reports. If you'd like a more useful response, please include the following information:

  • What is the gmail account type - regular personal gmail account vs google apps account?
  • Does any other user-script work for you?
  • What are the version numbers of the following - OS, Browser, Greasemonkey (if applicable) and !gmailAutoBcc
  • What steps did you follow in installing !gmailAutoBcc and greasemonkey (if applicable)
  • If the script ever worked, when did it stop working?