Advanced Usage

The script can be tweaked to alter its behaviour by setting up certain configuration parameters described in the subsections below. To set these parameters:

  • Type about:config in the firefox address bar and get past the warning.
  • Type the parameter name in the filter.
  • Double click the parameter in the list to change it.

Use CC Instead of BCC

If you want the script to CC an email address instead of BCC, set the parameter gBccHeader to "cc". (Default: "bcc").

Using with Multiple Gmail Accounts / Multiple Identities

If you use multiple gmail accounts or multiple from addresses within a single gmail account, you may want to:

  • BCC/CC to different addresses based on the from address or

  • Disable gmailAutoBcc for some accounts

In such scenarios set the parameter gBccMapFromAddress to true.

Ask for Confirmation Before Copying

If you want the script to popup a confirmation dialog each time it is about to copy an email address, set the preference gBccPopup to true. (Default: false).

Disable gmailAutoBcc

If you want to disable gmailAutoBcc, set the preference gBccEnabled to false. (Default: true).

Change Copied Email Address

If you want to cc/bcc to a different address, search for the gBccMail preference with the currently used address and change the string to a different email address.

Copy Multiple Email Addresses

When the script prompts you for an address, enter a comma separated list of email addresses. If you need to add an address, edit the saved address (see previous section) and add another email to the saved configuration (separated by a comma).